Click here to see various materials concerning Gavin Black's Diapason column, including Buxtehude analysis, columns on learning to play pedals, and a guide to tuning and temperament.

Click here for two short pieces by Martin Peerson played by Gavin on a Hill & Tyre Flemish single from 1986. (Taped in Princeton 10/2/15)



These are links to recordings of two recent New York City concerts by Gavin, both given as part of the Midtown Concerts series. The first, from October 13, 2016, is an all-Frescobaldi program, played on an anonymous 17th century Italian harpsichord. The second, from March 30, 2017, is Froberger and Buxtehude, played on a 1978 Keith Hill German double.

October 13, 2016

March 30

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A Day with The Art of the Fugue


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Gavin Black

Seminary Chapel, Princeton Theological Seminary

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PEKC presents a free day-long workshop exploring Bach's great final instrumental masterpiece from several points of view: counterpoint, harmony, rhetoric, emotional and philosophical content, performance issues, and so on. The workshop will be organized in a flexible manner so as to be of interest to attendees from any background - and in particular with any level of prior familiarity with the work. For detailed information click here.


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